We Envision: The Perfect Crash Twinsanity Remaster/Reimagining

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has sold quite well in large amounts both physically and digitally on the PlayStation 4. The success of the N. Sane Trilogy leaves us at a higher chance of getting another new Crash Bandicoot game in the near future. Some fans, such as us at The Big Scoops, speculate that Crash Twinsanity is at the point of being revamped from the ground up at Vicarious Visions or perhaps another developer.

We have came up with some ideas on a perfect Crash Twinsanity remake.

1. Not a Straight-Out Remaster

The Crash Twinsanity remake shouldn’t be a remaster. The original game was deemed lacking and short. Instead, the remake should be a reimagining with all-new content while keeping some remnants of the original.

2. The 4th Installment

The Twinsanity reimagining should be the fourth installment of the Crash Bandicoot reboot and take place after the Warped remaster from the N. Sane Trilogy. The Wrath of Cortex should be skipped since that was basically a port/remake of Warped on the PlayStation 2 back in the day. No Crunch.

3. A Darker Story

Concept art for Crash Bandicoot: Evolution

The Twinsanity reimagining should be based off of the canceled Crash Bandicoot: Evolution game (the original version of Twinsanity) which originally had a much darker story. Imagine a plot where the Evil Twins steal resources from multiple worlds and Crash, along with Cortex, has to stop them from doing so. After all, the Twins are the masters of the infinite dimensions.

4. Make It Bigger/Longer

Concept art for Crash Twinsanity

Cortex Strikes Back has warps, Warped has time travel, and Twinsanity has dimensions. However, in the 2004 game, there aren’t much dimensions; only 1 to be exact. The Crash Twinsanity reimagining should have more than at least 2 dimensions to explore from. Also, all three of the Wumpa Islands should be explored too. More fun side-quests/scenarios should be included to make the game acceptably longer.

5. More Open-World Environments

Gone a Bit Coco, a removed level from Crash Twinsanity
Another removed level from Crash Twinsanity
Hanging City world concept art for Crash Bandicoot: Evolution

Twinsanity took advantage of being the first Crash Bandicoot game to be open-world and it was inadequate. Like I stated from #4, the reimagining should have more open-world environments and locations to explore from.

6. Include in All the Previously-Cut Content/Ideas

2017-08-04 19_04_51-Deleted Scene from Crash Twinsanity No.6 - YouTube
An unused animatic for Crash Twinsanity

Every scrapped concept that was thought up for the original game should be put into the reimagining no matter what.

7. Playable for Everyone

A difficulty setting would be pleasing for any player’s ability. A simple ‘Easy’ and ‘Hard’ difficulty would do.

8. PSN Trophies

The N. Sane Trilogy had trophies, why not the Twinsanity reimagining?

9. Not Rushed in Development

The original 2004 game was rushed in development, making the game unfinished. The developers should take their time while developing a Crash Twinsanity reimagining. No release date is needed when the game is far from complete. We can wait as long as it is necessary.

10. DLC

After the reimagining’s release, there should be some DLC to make the game ever-lasting such as new campaigns and worlds to explore from.

And that’s all I had to envision on a perfect Crash Twinsanity remaster. We hope the Crash Bandicoot franchise well on its recent revival and to see more games in the future.

crash bandicoot 4 twinsanity
Our own concept of what a Twinsanity reimagining be like.