Trump and Net Neutrality in a Nutshell

President Donald Trump doesn’t support net neutrality. If he did, he would of tweeted about it. Sometime ago, he had meetings with leaders in the tech industry to ultimately vanquish the free internet for all.

For those who don’t know what net neutrality is, net neutrality keeps websites fast and unblocked from internet service providers (e.g. Comcast, AT&T, etc.)

Without net neutrality, you would be paying your internet bill up the ass and enjoy seeing this thing again:

If you wish to take action, here’s a link to’s petition to save net neutrality along with a better explanation on net neutrality.

Lego City Undercover Walkthrough (Nintendo Switch)

Hey, guys! The Big Scoops is now doing walkthroughs on games that you probably own by now. We’re doing Lego City Undercover as our first playthrough. You can check out Part 1 of our walkthrough here. 🙂

How to Overcome a Mid-life Crisis

Want to know how to overcome a mid-life crisis? Then you better call Kirito! Kirito is a licensed lawyer, therapist, and even caterer. Kirito will 100% guarantee solve any problems that you’re dealing with, I promise! 👌

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(This is a sponsored article. The Big Scoops is not liable for any damages, births, and everything else from using this service. You can’t sue us because this is a disclaimer, BIATCH!)

WWIII News: New 🅱️ihodist Terrorist Group Formed

Breaking news right now written on a typewriter in 🅱️yria that a new terrorist organization has been created as a message to Urban Dictionary’s foul result of WWIII.

The organization call themselves 🅱️isis. 🅱️isis Founder, Suq Madiq held a bonfire today with a effigy burning of the main guys over at Urban Dictionary in honor of the destruction of its headquarters.

🅱️isis’ goal is to spread Teeterism worldwide as a revenge plot for Urban Dictionary killing Teeter Griffin.

Stay tuned for updates on 🅱️isis and WWIII.

BREAKING: Teeter Griffin Dead at 69, Murdered by Urban Dictionary, Causing WWIII

Teeter “Eater” Griffin is reported dead at age 69 by the Quahog Police Department.

Reports say that he was murdered by spies with relations to Urban Dictionary.

President Trump, surprisingly, later brought up Teeter’s death at a press conference.

Urban Dictionary has no right to kill our beloved Teeter Griffin. He was a patriot and a true American hero. We hope to bring Urban Dictionary to justice. – Donald Trump

President Trump later signed an executive order to block all trade between the United States and the homeland of Urban Dictionary. A 200% tax increase was declared on imports from UD to the States. Trump even sent missile strikes over to Urban Dictionary’s HQ which blew up the entire infrastructure.

Trump’s last words at his press conference were, “You can’t run, Urban Dictionary. We’re coming for you. We’ll bomb the shit out of you.”

Urban Dictionary, prior to the missile strike, said not to “take this action seriously.” But it backfired miserablely.

This is will be reflected forever as the most horrifying event in American History since 7/11.

Stay tuned for updates from The Big Scoops as we’re now in WWIII against Urban Dictionary.