Shit on the Big Screen: Live (2017)

Hey, guys! The Big Scoops is now doing movie reviews. We call this new series of reviews Shit on the Big Screen where we cover independent films. Please note that this review is our personal opinion on the movie itself, not yours.

Live was a piece of crap. I want a better way to live after seeing this.

The film starts off with some ADHD girl running around her room thinking of her ugly boyfriend named Grant. After some nonsensical makeup and changing of clothes and girl stuff, we see a scene of her crossing out pics of her boyfriend on the wall, removing him from her life.

The scene then changes to a rip-off of Meet the Sniper from them crossing out targets to driving in caravan, how original. More dumb shit occurs when she has a panic attack in her car. I don’t know what the fuck happens after that but she appears to be blocking messages on her iPhone.

But the worse thing that happened throughout the entire film was the flower fidget spinner.

WHAT THE FUCK, I payed for film festival tickets and I see a cancerous romance gone wrong?!

The final scene ends up with the girl getting Terminal 7 from playing with the fidget spinner in her hands, causing them to bleed and get scars.

The plot was not good and confusing, and it was horrendous, both the fidget spinner and music overall, the punishment: non-royalty-free music.

Overall, I rate this movie: 3/10

I want my $5 back.


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