Anime Farm #4: FBI

6:32 P.M. – Mexico

Pink Panther of the FBI emerges at the Mexican Costco where El Sheepo got shot. He suspects someone shot him (no shit).

“Mmm… fresh blood,” Pink Panther murmured. “Someone was here. I smell it. Very smelly…”

Pink Panther and the FBI then go on a manhunt to find the suspect on who shot El Sheepo which is Hank Schrader, who is currently on the run out of Mexico along with Astuski and Cluckers.

7:48 P.M. – Benito Juárez International Airport

Driving past every speed limit on the streets, Hank and the chickens pursuit back to the airport to board on a plane far away from Mexico.

Eventually, they board on Aeroflot with it’s destination heading towards Moscow, Russia.

The FBI followed the tire marks on the road to the airport, but it was already too late. The three escaped in a nick of time.

“Dammit!”, Pink Panther angrily uttered.

10:12 P.M. – Pacific Ocean

On the plane, a flight attendant offers Hank the first item on the Chick-fil-A menu.

Hank, who is craving for his fetish, asked the flight attendant, “Do you have minerals.”

“Excuse me?”, the flight attendant replied.

“You know, rock minerals. You got any?”

“Uhh… Yes, sir. In fact we do. Here you go!”

“Thanks, ma’am!”

“My pleasure.”

Hank stops and grabs the flight attendant by the pussy.

“Woah! Simmer down there, sparky!”, Hank now getting sexual.

He then thrusts the rock into the flight attendant’s asshole.

“Cluckers, get the camera!”

Cluckers grabs his camera and says, “On it!”

11:30 P.M. – Near the Sea of Okhotsk

“Wow! This already got more than 1,000,000,000 views on PornHub!”, Hank surprised after he uploaded the video of the flight attendant rock thrusting.

11:31 P.M. – FBI Headquarters

Meanwhile, the FBI still won’t give up on who shot El Sheepo. Pink Panther was busy on his shitty PC searching for the Aeroflot plane that Hank and the chickens boarded hours ago.

Eventually, he finally found the right plane (and the right guy).

“Goodbye, Hank.”, Pink Panther bids before rerouting the plane into the ocean.

11:34 P.M. – Back at the Sea

Astuski starts to notice that the plane is acting weird. It’s becoming unstable.

A few moments later, the plane’s engine stopped and was falling straight towards the ocean.

Everyone panicked while Hank and the chickens made their great escape by grabbing the three conveniently placed parachutes beside them.

11:46 P.M. – Siberia


After the three have been safety landed onto land from their parachutes, they discover that they’re now in Siberia, east of Russia.

“C’mon, we shouldn’t stick around here for too long.”, Hank said while in some kind of hurry.

“Why?”, Astuski questioned.

All of a sudden, a Slav comes out of the shack and then greets the three.

“That’s why,” Hank answered Astuski.

11:57 P.M. – Mr. Halket’s Shack

“Brother?! What the fuck?! You didn’t tell me you had a brother, Hank!”, Astuski said to Hank.

“I know. I personally wanted to get away from my brother for a while.”

“Well, stay here as long as you like,” Mr. Halket housewarms the three.

“Alright, let’s party!”, Cluckers suggested.

“Good, I’ll bring the snacks. I’ll be right back.”, Mr. Halket said while he gets the snacks from a town up north.

Astuski, in somewhat of excitement, then suddenly turns around to watch the local news on the television to find out the fourty-cows that owe him were shot by the Harpoon Master. Astuski is now with solemn.

“Hank, we gotta go back. Someone killed fourty-two of my clients that owed me money.”

“No way,” Hank replied drunk from one of Mr. Halket’s vodkas laying around.

“Please,” Astuski urges Hank.

“No and that’s wee final. Te he he he,” Hank said after drinking another shot of vodka.

Astuski, now mad, notices Mr. Halket’s gun on a table and points it at Hank.

“Join or die,” Astuski challenges the drunk Hank.

“You know, there’s this one boy that-”

Hank then gets shot in the head mid sentence by Astuski.

“I’m sorry,” Astuski said in grief.

“Cluckers, come with me.”

Cluckers, now scared, joins with the gun-wielding Astuski as they exit Mr. Halket’s shack.

4:20 A.M. – Mr. Halket’s Shack

“Okay, let us p-a-r-t-“, Mr. Halket then shut himself up just when he saw Hank’s corpse laying on the floor.

Mr. Halket stares into blank space… speechless.

To be continued…


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