Anime Farm #3: Welcome to Mexico

“Eureka!”, Astuski bawled when he struck Jizz Kalifa manga under the sea.

Cluckers swam as fast as he could towards the treasure. He joins with Astuski on the triumph.

“Wowsers in my trousers,” Cluckers in shock, “I can’t believe it.”

“Indeed, brother. It’s motherfucking Jizz Kalifa!”

Astuski and Cluckers then rise up onto the surface while dragging the Jizz Kalifa manga with them.

The two arrive at the dock and placed the manga on a nearby table.

All of a sudden, Hank bursts outside to check on Astuski and Cluckers. He was clearly dissatisfied for what he just then saw.

“What in tarnation is going on here?!”, Hank shouted, “You are supposed to make me minerals! WE REQUIRE MORE MINERALS!”

Hank sighs and then tells the two that all three of them have to go to an undisclosed business trip to Mexico.

Hank, as shady as he is, resigned as chief of the Albuquerque DEA to live his sex life with minerals.

10 hours later, off the Benito Juárez International Airport, the three call an Uber driver to take them to their destination, Costco Wholesale.

At the Mexican Costco, Hank confronts his former colleagues and introduce them to Astuski and Cluckers.

El Chapo, one of the main colleagues, wants to make a deal with Hank. He wants the chickens to work for him in exchange for the free open beta of Battlefield 1.

Hank disagrees with the offer, but El Chapo shows him his magnesium rock mineral dong. “Do’h!”, Hank yelled.

Hank then forcefully gives away the chickens to El Chapo.

El Chapo, now with delight, transforms into his true form: a sheep. “Beep, beep, I’m a sheep!”, El Chapo said.

Hank knew what was coming so he shot El Sheepo in deez nuts.

“Bow wow, yippe kayak cardiac arrest! You are under arrest. I’m calling 911.”

Hank says to El Sheepo, “Be gone, thot.”

He then turns around and exclaims, “RUN!”

Hank, Astuski, and Cluckers make a run for it.

To be continued…


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