Anime Farm #1: Mayo Uno

Hey, guys! We, the editors at The Big Scoops, are making a fan fiction based off of anime. Yes, anime. We call it Anime Farm. Anime Farm will be like some sort of a light novel in a form of news articles. We will publish new issues of Anime Farm daily. Without further ado, please enjoy the first issue down below.

Just twenty two hours ago, a harpoon was shot by the Harpoon Master into fourty-two cows that needed medical attention to the crime scene Steve Jobs.

“Now that’s a blaster master,” said Buzzini Lightbeer.

These cow nuts are friends not food for thought.

After the incident, Fidel-My-Diddle-Cassette-Tape-a-Roll executed Order Dicks on Route 66. “Save the cows,” he said, “but more importantly save the sea men.”

To be continued…

I rate this issue 10/10. Best thing since Breaking Bad. – The Old York Lice


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